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Statement of the categories of documents that are held by ONGC

The Company maintains various statutory documents, registers, books, licenses, manuals, agreements etc. for the business operation of the Company, as required under various statutes, rules and regulations as well as for the smooth functioning of the Company.

The various categories of documents that are being held by the Company or under its control are given below:

(A) Documents pertaining to incorporation, license, etc :

Memorandum & Articles of Association
Certificate of Incorporation and Comment of Business.
Explosive licenses
Mining and Petroleum Lease licenses

(B) Documents pertaining Accounts :

Books of Accounts
Annual Reports
Statement of Quarterly Financial Results
Accounts Manual
Documents pertaining to payment of Income Tax, Direct and indirect taxes, Service tax, Tax Deducted at Sources, etc.
Vouchers, etc.
Central Excise, Sales Tax, Excise Duty, VAT etc.
Internal Audit Manual
Internal Audit Reports

(C) Documents pertaining to Company Affairs :

Statutory Registers under the Companies Act, 1956
Annual Returns
Returns, Applications & Forms filed with the Central Govt. Registrar of Companies, Stock Exchanges etc.

(D) Documents pertaining to Board Meeting & General Meetings :

Agenda Papers of Board Meetings
Minutes Book of meetings of the Board of Directors
Agenda papers of Board sub-committees
Minutes Book of meetings of Board sub-committees
Minutes Book of General Meetings of the shareholders, etc.

(E) Documents pertaining to Contracts, Works, Sales, Procurements & Inventory :

Material Management Manual
Tender Documents & Internal Files, etc.

(F) Documents pertaining to plant Operations :

Operational Manuals
Documents containing information pertaining to productions and despatch of products

(G) Documents pertaining to projects :

Detailed Techno-Economic details of GGS, CTF and other plants operative under each Asset/Basin
Documents relating to clearance and approval of Competent Authorities

(H) Agreements :

Agreement with Technology Suppliers & Process Licensors
Agreement with Project Consultants, Consultants, etc.
Agreement with vendors, transporters, service providers, etc
Marketing Agreement with other consumers
Agreement for supply of Crude Oil to Refineries;

(I) Documents pertaining to establishment matter :

Documents containing the details of employees
Various internal policies, rules & regulations pertaining establishment matters;
Annual Confidential Reports of employees
Delegation of Powers

(J) Documents pertaining to operation of Community Development and other welfare scheme :

Policy/guidelines on Community Development & welfare activities
Policy/ guidelines for scholarship for SC/ST students
Documents containing information regarding community development and welfare activities being carried out by the Company, etc.

( K) Documents pertaining to general administration :

Land and other property related documents;
Advertising policies, etc.

( L) Documents pertaining to legal matters :

Petition, plaints, written statements and other documents submitted to Hon'ble Courts, tribunals wherein ONGC is party.
Orders of Hon'ble courts; wherein ONGC is party before Hon'ble Court .