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Monthly remuneration (Pay scales) received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations

The remuneration of the Officers of the Company is governed by the guidelines of the Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India. The pay scales of officers are of Industrial DA pattern. The remunerations of employees are fixed through negotiations with Workmen's Union subject to the overall guidelines of Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India. The monthly emoluments of officers and workmen at various grades of pay scales are given below:


Pay Scale

Executive Director E-9 Rs.62000-80000
Group General Manager E-8 Rs.51300-73000
General Manager E-7 Rs.51300-73000
Deputy General Manager E-6 Rs.51300-73000
Chief Manager/Chief
Chemist/Chief Engineer
E-5 Rs.43200-66000
Superintending Engineer
E-4 Rs.36600-62000
Deputy Manager/Deputy
Superintending Geophysicist/Deputy Superintending Geologist/Deputy Superintending Chemist/ Deputy
Superintending Engineer
E-3 Rs.32900-58000
Senior (**) Officer/Assistant
Executive Engineer/Senior Geologist/Senior Chemist
E-2 Rs.29100-54500
(**) Officer/Assistant Executive Engineer/Geophysicist/Geologist/Chemist E-1 Rs.24900-50500
Assistant (**)Officer/Assistant Engineer/Personal Secretary E-0 Rs.20600-46500
Chief Superintendent/Senior Foreman S-IV Rs.32000-56000
Senior Superintendent/Senior Foreman S-III Rs.28000-52500
Superintendent/ Foreman S-II Rs.24000-48500
Assistant Superintendent/Assistant Foreman S-I Rs.20000-45000
Junior Engineer/Junior
Superintendent/Junior Accountant
A-V Rs. 16000-36000
Topman/Chargeman/Assistant Grade I A-IV Rs.15000-35000
Junior Technician/Rig man/Assistant Grade II A-III Rs.13500-31000
Assistant Junior Technician/Assistant
Rig man/Assistant Grade III
A-II Rs.12000-27000
Junior Assistant Technician/Junior
A-I Rs.11000-24000
Head Worker W-VII Rs.20000-45000
Deputy Head Worker W-VI Rs.15000-35000
Senior Worker W-V Rs.13500-31000
Attendant Grade -I W-IV Rs.12000-27000
Attendant Grade -II W-III Rs.11000-24000
Attendant Grade –III W-II Rs.10500-21000
Junior Attendant W-I Rs.10000-18000
In addition to the above, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, 47% Perks & Allowances, Medical Reimbursement, Provident Fund, Gratuity, Superannuation Benefits etc. are provided as per the Company's rules from time to time.