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List of Circulars valid for reference issued prior to 31.01.2015

Circular No. Dated Subject
05/2015  23.01.2015 Processing of tenders valuing Rs. 50 Crores and above.
24/2014 18.12.2014 Initiating inter-ministerial / departmental / departmental litigation in the Court of Law-reg.
19/2014  20.11.2014 Correction to the Circular No. 18/2014 dated 12.11.2014 
18/2014  12.11.2014 Public Procurement Policy for Micro and Small Enterprises - 2012 
17/2014  18.10.2014 Discontinuation of the policy for granting Price Preference to domestic companies against ICB tenders invited by ONGC for Oil Field Services and LSTK contracts.
15/2014  15.10.2014 Irregularities in processing of tenders.
13/2014  25.09.2014 Minimizing award of contracts on nomination basis.
09/2014  14.08.2014 CTE Guidelines on short-comings in bid documents
05/2014  29.4.2014 Settlement of commercial disputes between Public Section Enterprises Inter se and Public Sector Enterprise(s) and Government Department(s) through permanent Machinery of Arbitrators (PMA) in the Department of Public Enterprises
28/2013  28.10.2013 Implementation of Fair wage policy.
19/2013  18.06.2013 Settlement of disputes between one Central Government Department and another/ one Central Government Department and a Central Government Public Enterprise / one Centre Government Enterprise and another.  
14/2013  18.05.2013 Invoice Monitoring System (IMS).
13/2013  14.05.2013 Provisions related to Service Tax on Works Contracts.
11/2013  12.03.2013 Irregularities in processing of tenders.
10/2013  01.03.2013 Determination of CPA
06/2013  23.01.2013 Acceptance of Bank Guarantees executed by Nationalized/ Schedule banks.
04/2013  23.01.2013 System Validation in purchase requisition.
29/2012  14.11.2012 Uploading names and address of vendors to whom the Limited tender enquiry has been issued on the tender website.
26/2012  27.09.2012 Age/Vintage for charter hire of different type of Vessels.
23/2012  10.09.2012 Putting the vendors on holiday on account of cancellation of PO/termination of contract.
22/2012  12.09.2012 System and process improvement to prevent theft and pilferage in the stock yards of ONGC.
21/2012  28.08.2012 Evaluation of offers as per BEC.
20/2012  09.08.2012 Provisions related to Service Tax on Works Contracts (superseding instructions issued vide circular No. 20/2012 dated 03.08.2012). 
19/2012  02.08.2012 Payment of Service Tax under Reverse Charge Mechanism.
18/2012  31.07.2012 Appointment of Internal Compliance Officer for implementation of IP in ONGC
01/2012  03.01.2012 Shortcomings in NITs posted on tender website of ONGC.
32/2011  15.12.2011 (i) Consideration of bids submitted on the basis of technical experience of the parent/subsidiary company (Applicable in  ICB tenders only) and (ii) Consideration of bids submitted on the basis of technical experience of sister subsidiary/co-subsidiary company (Applicable in ICB Tenders only).
29/2011  18.10.2011 Notifying/effecting recoveries from the contractors.
20/2011  03.06.2011 Entry of estimated value and closing of tenders in e-procurement portal.
16/2011  13.05.2011 Roll-out of e-procurement at various locations in ONGC.
14/2011  06.04.2011 Guidelines issued by DPE in respect of obtaining PF code by the contractors. 
13/2011  04.04.2011 Mobilization advance.
55/2010  10.12.2010 Extension of Delivery/Mobilization/Completion period - approval thereof.
49/2010  29.10.2010 Rejection of bidders on account of poor performance in past contracts.
45/2010  25.10.2010 Payment of concessional rate of Customs Duty on Imports and   exemption   from payment of Excise duty on purchase of material by ONGC's Institutes.
41/2010  13.10.2010 Fraudulent activity by M/s Sagar Construction, Surat, related to evasion of Service Tax.;  
39/2010  04.10.2010 Implementation of Phase-I of the Policy on Greening the Vendors Chain.
32/2010  19.08.2010 Delay in initiating recoveries excess payment to contractors - reg. 
23/2010  09.07.2010 Putting the vendors on holiday on account of cancellation of PO / Termination of contract and rejection of bidders on account of their  poor performance in past contracts.    
11/2010  25.03.2010 Post tender negotiation with bidders. 
05/2010  14.01.2010 Shipment of imported materials to Kolkata Port 
45/2009  05.10.2009 Day rate and Mobilization and Demobilization charges.
44/2009  23.09.2009 Submission of audited statement of accounts by M/s Satyam  Computer Services Ltd. (M/s SCSL), while participating in tenders.
41/2009  21.08.2009 Changes suggested by DGH in the applications for Essentiality Certificate.
35/2009  06.08.2009 Compliance with the time norms for processing the tenders and   finalization within the stipulated validity period.
28/2009  24.06.2009 Amendments in various provisions of Standard tender conditions (applicable for e-procurement and Reverse Auction)   
26/2009  04.06.2009 Procurement to meet the requirement of 1 year.
19/2009  17.04.2009 Consigning materials for East Coast operations to Kakinada Supply Base.
17/2009  16.04.2009 Procurement to meet the requirement of 1 year. 
35/2008  10.10.2008 Purchase Preference Policy (PPP) for products and services of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs).