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Director (Offshore)

Director Offshore
T K Sengupta

Tapas Kumar Sengupta took over as the new Director (Offshore) on 1st February 2014.

A first-class Chemical engineering graduate from Jadavpur University, Calcutta, Sengupta also commands a Diploma in Management from Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Tapas Kumar Sengupta is one of the select club of production engineers who has a balanced exposure to both onshore and offshore oilfields operation. His onshore experience portfolio comprises of Well Services in Gujarat and Assam for 11 long years and 4 years in Sudan as part of ONGC Videsh. His 4 years overseas tenure at Sudan as a General Manager in Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company, saw an increase of the oil production through innovative engineering interventions.

Of his 18 years in Offshore fields off Mumbai, he served for 12 years in Mumbai High in Well Services, successfully handling a number of production-enhancement assignments. He was the Project Coordinator for New Technology jobs like Water Shut-Off & Gas Shut-Off in difficult wells of Mumbai high in 1992-94. Sengupta was also instrumental in improving performances of ONGC’s offshore sick well inventory. He was the recipient of the CMD award for Best Production Engineer in 1996 & Best Professional Engineer in 2001 for the same.

Sengupta has been a silent catalyst in many of ONGC’s organizational turning points. He was associated with Organisational Transformation Project (OTP – precursor of CRC) launched in 1997 as a part of first Multi-Disciplinary Team member in the Neelam Pilot on Arabian Sea.