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Director (Exploration)

Director (Exploration)
A K Dwivedi

Mr. Ajay Kumar Dwivedi has taken over the reins as the Director (Exploration) in the Maharatna Board of India’s flagship explorer ONGC.  A post-graduate from Kanpur University, Mr. Dwivedi has a distinguished career of more than 34 years in ONGC, holding key exploration-related assignments at different work centers starting from Mumbai, moving to Dehradun in North, to Chennai in South, then Jorhat in the east, Vadodara in the west and as Basin Manager MBA Basin, Kolkata, before finally taking over Western Offshore as Basin Manager.

Mr. Dwivedi has managed ONGC’s prime exploration portfolios in Western Offshore –Kutch-Saurashtra, Mumbai Offshore and Kerala-Konkan Basin. Under his leadership, Western Offshore Basin has achieved 109 MMt of Oil plus Oil Equivalent Gas including 4 discoveries and won the coveted CMD’s trophy for Best Basin. Prior to this, Mr. Dwivedi as Basin Manager, Mahanadi, Bengal & Andaman Basin managed the exploration performance of all the three basins. During his stint as Block Manager – Mehsana-Patan-Rajasthan Blocks of Cambay Basin, initiated integrated analysis of geo-scientific data leading to accretion of reserves resulting in two discoveries from the blocks. As a Block Manager of North & South Assam Shelf Blocks at Assam-Assam Arakan Basin, he diligently managed exploration performance of six onland acreages covering the oil prolific fields leading to two discoveries. Mr. Dwivedi managed performance of six offshore blocks and two onland blocks of Cauvery Basin leading to one onland discovery. Mr. Dwivedi has played pivotal roles in the Management Committees of various NELP blocks.

His keen analytical acumen coupled with a people-centric approach has been his forte. His strength has been to encourage Multi-Disciplinary team working in various capacities across the organization. As a core team member of joint project team on organizational change program, Mr. Dwivedi was involved with redesign of structure, systems and business processes aligned to Asset based model and their implementation in two pilot projects. As a member of the task force formed by Director (Exploration), he was entrusted with the responsibility of formulating long term strategy of exploration for ONGC with the aim of doubling the reserve accretion by year 2020.

With his rich academic lineage, Mr. Dwivedi has authored a number of technical papers. The noteworthy ones are ‘Acoustic impedance as a lithological and hydrocarbon indicator – A case study from Cauvery basin’ published in Leading Edge, July 2006 issue; he co-authored papers on ‘Sequence stratigraphy and systems tract analysis of Eocene and Miocene sediments in Kutch Offshore, India’ and ‘Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Perception of West Andaman area over the Ninety East ridge and Andaman back arc basin’. He has contributed as member of task force on “Standardization of Lithostratigraphy of Bombay Offshore Basin”. Mr. Dwivedi was Head of the steering committee for project on sequence-stratigraphy and petroleum systems in all the sedimentary basins of India in association with Dr. Octavian Cataneanu, an expert in sequence stratigraphy.

A strong believer in continuous development, Mr. Dwivedi has undergone various development programs, including those at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and University of Alberta School of Business, Alberta, Canada. He is affiliated to SPG - India, AEG – India and SPE and presently holds the office of President, SPG-India.

Mr. Dwivedi joins the Board of ONGC at a crucial juncture when the business environment is not only challenging but also demanding in respect of exploration.