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Tender No:
Category: goods
Approximate Quantity: AS PER TENDER DOCUMENT
Contract Period in case of Services:
Tender Originating Location : Kolkata
Type of tender: Indigenous
Cost of tender document(IN INR):
Cost of tender document(IN FC):
Earnest money Deposit(IN INR): 2530500
Earnest money Deposit(IN FC):
Issue / Sale of Tender document: 16 Mar 2019 12:00am
To 5 Apr 2019 2:00pm
Tender Document selling offices: - Other:
Tender Receiving Officer: 1. Shri Piru Saren, MM Officer ONGC, MBA Basin, Technopolis, 4th Floor, Sector-V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700 091, Mob: 9432020710 Leave Reserve Officer 1. Shri R.N. Sahu, Sr. MM Officer ONGC, MBA Basin, Technopolis, 4th Floor, Sector-V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700 091, Mob: 9831516646
Last Date of receipt of queries for Pre-bid Conference: 25 Mar 2019
Pre-bid Conference Venue:
Pre-bid Conference: Not Applicable
Closing of tender: 5 Apr 2019 2:00pm
Opening of Tender: 5 Apr 2019 3:00pm
Place of submission of tender: ONGC, MBA Basin, Technopolis, 4th Floor, Sector-V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700 091.
Place of Opening of tender: Tender will be opened at ONGC, Technopolis, 4th Floor, Plot 04, BP Block, Sector-V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700 091 through e-procurement portal, in the presence of representative of Bidders.
Estimated Cost: NA
Job completion time:
Site Location:
Pre Qualification criteria: 1.1(a) Eligibility Criteria of the bidder : - (a) The bidder (i.e. Single bidder / Indian Joint Venture Company Incorporated) should be a pharmacy company having retail outlets in Kolkata. (b) The bidder should have minimum of 20 medical shops in Kolkata. The Bidders should submit list of its various outlets, as on the date of opening of un-priced techno-commercial bid, in Kolkata with detailed address, Telephone number, Fax numbers (if available). These details should be supported with copy of drug license indicating name and address of every outlet. (c) The pharmacy chain should have real time computerized billing against each LP slip / Prescription and automated inventory management system. The Bidder should submit a specific confirmation in respect of compliance with each of the said requirements. (d) The bidder has to give an undertaking on their letter head that they have never been black listed or found defaulter by the DCGI or any related statutory body or ONGC in the past. (e) Minimum discount offered by the agency should be 15% on MRP for medicine and bidder should agree for fixed 40% discount on MRP for Hospital related medical consumables or else the bid will be rejected. In this regard, bidder to submit an undertaking to this effect. 1.1(b) Experience of the bidder :- (a) The bidder should have minimum three years of experience in similar nature of supply or services, viz. stocking and disbursing the medicines and other hospital related materials / consumables to the beneficiaries at a discounted price. (b) The bidder should have executed at least 01 (one) contract of similar nature viz. stocking, disbursing the medicines to the employees of Government departments / PSUs / Medical Institutes / Corporate hospitals through the retail outlets at a discounted price in the last 05 years and should submit documentary evidence to this effect in the form of satisfactory completion of services from the client. To this effect, the bidder should submit copies of respective contracts, along with documentary evidence in respect of satisfactory execution of each of those contracts in the form of copies of any of the documents (indicating respective contract number and type of services viz. stocking & distributing the medicines and other hospital related materials / consumables), such as (i) Satisfactory completion / performance report, or (ii) proof of release of performance security after completion of the contract, or (iii) proof of settlement / release of final payment against the contract, or (iv) any other documentary evidence that can substantiate the satisfactory execution of each of the contract cited above. For this purpose, the period reckoned shall be the period prior to the date of opening of the techno-commercial bid. 1.1(c) Minimum Required Licenses: Bidders should submit copy of the following licenses : (a) Pharmacists License The bidder must have pharmacists license issued by State Pharmacy Council / Indian Pharmacy Council under Pharmacy Act, 1948 or other relevant acts. The license should be valid on the date of opening of techno commercial bid and the bidder should submit an undertaking to keep this license valid throughout the contract period. (b) Drug License Bidder should possess drug license issued by Drugs Controller of the state to open the shop at the offered location for retail sale of medicines / drugs. The Drug license should be valid on the date of opening of techno commercial bid. The bidder should also give undertaking / affidavit to abide by the guidelines issued by drug controller / NAPPA / other government instructions from time to time and also to keep the License valid throughout the contract period. (c) Trade License The bidder must furnish a trade license fo
Other details: 1. The prospective parties who have downloaded the tender document through ONGC's e-procurement portal for this tender, may seek clarification on any aspects of tender irrespective of technical or commercial, if any, in writing through email to OR latest by 16:00 Hours on 25/03/2019. 2. No pre-bid conference will be held against this tender. 3. Bidders are required to submit their bids complete in all respects as per tender document and clarifications given by ONGC, if any. ONGC will not seek any clarifications after opening of Techno-commercial bids. In case the bidders taking exceptions/deviations, their bid(s) shall be rejected. 4. Central Government Department and Central PSU are exempted from payment of bid security. MSEs units(and not their dealers/distributors) are also exempted from submission of EMD/Bid Security irrespective of monetary limits mentioned in their registration certificates provided they are registered for the supply or services they intent to quote. 5. For further details of tender, please logon to our website The general details of the tender can be seen under Technical RFx tab of the bid invitation screen of the ONGC e-procurement Portal However, information regarding in this tender has also been provided on the website and a link to ONGC e-procurement portal has also been provided on the site. 6. Tender may be viewed by Guess Login into the ONGC e-procurement site i.e. Firms desiring to bid against e-tender should obtain USER ID and PASSWORD through system by clicking onto apply for access authorisation tab and following the instructions given therein. 7. Tender Fee is not applicable. The bidder should download the tender document from the Website (e-procurement site i.e. for participation in the tender. The help documentation, FAQ and grossary placed at home page provides necessary guidelines to bidders in using e-procurement site. 8. Bidder should have a legally valid class 3 digital certificate as per Indian IT Act from the license certifying authorities under the route certifying authority of India (RCAI), Controller of Certifying Authority(CCA) of India. Our e-procurement site is best viewed in Interten Explorer version 5.0 or above. It is advised to include website in your trusted website list (in Security Trusted sits. A broad band internet connectivity is also advised for smooth navigation. 9. In case of unscheduled holiday falling on the date of closing/opening of bids in Kolkata, the next working day shall be considered as scheduled date of closing/opening of tender. The time schedule shall remain same.
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For any query related to this tender please contact : D. Yolmo, DM(MM), PH:-9432020270