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Brief Description: Hiring of QCA services for 5MW SPP,Vagra as per the GERC regulations,2019. The plant is installed in Vagra tehsil of Bharuch district
Category: Services
Approximate Quantity:
Contract Period in case of Services: 36 Months
Tender Originating Location : Ankleshwar
Type of tender: Indigenous
Cost of tender document(IN INR): 185850
Cost of tender document(IN FC):
Earnest money Deposit(IN INR): 0
Earnest money Deposit(IN FC):
Issue / Sale of Tender document: 5 Jan 2021 2:00pm
To 14 Jan 2021 2:00pm
Tender Document selling offices: - Other:
Last Date of receipt of queries for Pre-bid Conference: NA
Pre-bid Conference: Not Applicable
Pre-bid Conference Venue:
Closing of Tender: 14 Jan 2021 2:00pm
Opening of tender: 14 Jan 2021 3:00pm
Place of submission of tender:
Place of Opening of tender:
Estimated Cost: NA
Job completion time:
Site Location:
Pre Qualification criteria: Bidder shall be registered with SLDC or Any company or body corporate or association or body of individuals, whether incorporated or not, or artificial juridical person shall be eligible to act as a QCA provided it satisfies the qualifying criteria as laid down hereunder: (i) The QCA shall have the experience of minimum 1 year in the field of Wind/Solar Power forecasting and scheduling, (ii) The financial strength of the QCA must be such that it should be in a position to handle the risk of penalties on account of deviation by the generator. Accordingly, the net worth of the QCA from forecasting & scheduling services must be positive amounting to at least Rs.2.5 Crores in the recent last financial year which should reflect from its audited balance sheet or from the certificate of a practicing Chartered Accountant, (iii) The QCA shall have the capability to provide real time monitoring systems or equivalent systems for seamless flow of information to and from SLDC and RLDC in order to facilitate scheduling, revision of schedule, intimation of outages/grid constraints etc. (iv) QCA should have an established team of Renewable Resource Analysts, modeling Statisticians, Energy modelers, Software developers and 24x7 operation and monitoring team. (v) The QCA shall be using software developed by at least CMMI level 3 certified companies or as decided by SLDC or the Commission from time to time. To this effect, Bidder should submit copies of respective contracts, along with documentary evidence in respect of satisfactory execution of each of those contracts/satisfactory completion of relevant services, in the form of copies of any of the documents (indicating respective contract number and type of services), such as - (i) Satisfactory completion / performance report (OR) (ii) proof of release of Performance Security after completion of the contract (OR) (iii) proof of settlement / release of final payment against the contract (OR) (iv) any other documentary evidence that can substantiate the satisfactory execution of each of the contracts cited above.
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For any query related to this tender please contact : Mr. S. S. Behera PH:-9428333327