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Tender No:
Brief Description: Supply and installation of 3 nos. air compressors along with accessories, for water treatment plants at North, South, & TSR Siddhiashram Colonies
Category: Civil
Approximate Quantity:
Contract Period in case of Services:
Tender Originating Location : Agartala
Type of tender: Indigenous
Cost of tender document(IN INR):
Cost of tender document(IN FC):
Earnest money Deposit(IN INR):
Earnest money Deposit(IN FC):
Issue / Sale of Tender document: 20 Mar 2020 10:00am
To 27 Mar 2020 2:00pm
Tender Document selling offices: - Other:
Last Date of receipt of queries for Pre-bid Conference: NA
Pre-bid Conference: Not Applicable
Pre-bid Conference Venue:
Closing of Tender: 27 Mar 2020 2:00pm
Opening of tender: 27 Mar 2020 3:00pm
Place of submission of tender: Civil engg deptt, ONGC Agartala
Place of Opening of tender: Civil engg deptt, ONGC Agartala
Estimated Cost: 618190
Job completion time: 01 month
Site Location: ONGC Colony, Agartala
Pre Qualification criteria: Experience of having successfully completed similar works during last 7 years ending last day of month previous to the one in which tenders are invited should be either of the following(to be reckoned from the last date of preceding month to the one in which bids are invited). The bidder should have experience of being a Civil Contractor/ Electrical Contractor/ Air compressor supplier. Documentary proof in the following form obtained from clients for whom the work was executed (copies duly attested by notary public) to be submitted by the bidder. a) Work order/ Agreement copy of any Civil / Electrical work b) Completion certificate of above shown work.
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For any query related to this tender please contact : Ashutosh Gupta PH:-7085030178