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Procurement Tender Details

Tender No:
Brief Description: Procurement of Display Board, Qty. 02 nos. LED Signage, Qty. 07 nos., Desktop Computer, Qty. 32 nos. Wireless Network Switch, Qty. 02 nos., UPS System, Qty. 01 no. and Conference System, Qty. 01 no.
Category: Electronics and Telecom Equipment
Approximate Quantity: SIX ITEMS
Contract Period in case of Services:
Tender Originating Location : Dehradun
Type of tender: Indigenous
Cost of tender document(IN INR): NOT APPLICABLE
Cost of tender document(IN FC):
Earnest money Deposit(IN INR): 99,655.00
Earnest money Deposit(IN FC):
Issue / Sale of Tender document: 4 Nov 2019 4:00pm
To 11 Dec 2019 1:00pm
Tender Document selling offices: - Other:
Tender may be viewed by Guest logging into the ONGCs e-procurement site i.e. Firms desiring to bid against e-tenders should obtain user ID and password through system by clicking on to Apply for access authorization tab and following the instructions given therein.
Last Date of receipt of queries for Pre-bid Conference: NA
Pre-bid Conference Venue:
Pre-bid Conference: Not Applicable
Closing of tender: 11 Dec 2019 2:00pm
Opening of Tender: 11 Dec 2019 3:00pm
Place of Opening of tender: Office of the In-charge MM, Institute of Drilling Technology, (IDT) ONGC, 9, Kaulagarh Road, Dehradun-248 195 Fax No : 0135-2758926 Tel.No.:0135-2794182
Estimated Cost: NA
Job completion time:
Site Location:
Pre Qualification criteria: i) There will be no pre bid conference for this tender. ii) The firm(s) to whom no further business is to be given or dealings with whom have been banned / suspended are not eligible to participate in the tender and any bid received from such firm(s) shall not be considered and will be returned un-opened to the concerned firm(s) within a period of seven days from the due date of opening of tenders. iii) In case of any unscheduled Holiday in ONGC Dehradun on the prescribed Closing/ Opening day of tender, the next working day will be treated as scheduled day of closing/ opening. iv) The downloading/issue of Bidding Documents shall not be construed as qualification of the bidder for the Tender. The bids submitted shall have to comply and conform to all the terms and conditions of bidding documents.
Other details: The tender will be governed by the following: The INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS as per Annexure-I and General Terms & Conditions as per Annexure-II. Special Conditions as per Annexure-IIA. (Attached separately). Technical Specifications/ Scope of Work, as per Annexure-III (Attached separately). Bid Evaluation Criteria at Annexure-IV (Attached separately).. Bid Matrix as per Annexure-V (Attached separately). Price bid format as per Annexure available in the space allotted in the specified area in the e-procurement website for the instant tender. (Attached separately). Please note that issuance of the tender document, based on the documents submitted, does not automatically qualify the bidder for the criteria mentioned in the NIT. Bidder has to comply all the tender conditions including Bid Evaluation Criteria in totality. Two bid systems shall be followed for this tender and only the price-bids of the bidders whose offers are commercially and technically acceptable shall be opened for further evaluation. Bid evaluation criteria at Annexure-IV shall be the basis for evaluation of tenders. Bidders are required to fill up the Bid Matrix as per Annexure-V and submit along with Un-priced Techno-commercial bid without fail. The bid along with all appendices and copies of documents (including scanned copies of the documents required in original) should be submitted through ONGC s e-bidding engine, before the scheduled date and time for the tender closing. Such documents submitted through e-bidding portal should be as per requirements of the tender, valid and legally operative as on the date fixed for opening of bids (techno-commercial bid opening date in case of Two Bid System). However, the required Physical Documents in physical form (closed envelope) should be submitted to the purchaser s office (as indicated in Invitation to Bid ) on or before the same date (before 1400Hrs on 11.12.2019). The bid along with all appendices and copies of documents (including scanned copies of the documents required in original) should invariably be submitted in the Technical RFx Responses through ONGC s e-bidding portal, before the scheduled date and time for the tender closing. All the documents uploaded shall be digitally signed by the authorized signatory (single authorized signatory to sign the physical document as well as e-bid) of the bidder. However, the following documents should also be submitted in physical form, in closed envelope super scribed as Physical documents against e-procurement Tender Number Z31YC19018, opening on 11.12.2019. (to be opened by tender Opening Officers at 1500 Hrs., on 11.12.2019. The following Physical Documents so as to reach to the purchaser s office (as indicated in Invitation to Bid ) within the closing date & time of the Tender. : 1. The original Bid security/ EMD/ Bid Bond. 2. The Power of Attorney or authorization, or any other document consisting of adequate proof of the ability of the signatory to bind the bidder, in original, when the power of attorney is a special Power of Attorney relating to the specific tender of ONGC only. A notarized true copy of the Power of Attorney shall also be accepted in lieu of the original, if the power of attorney is a general Power of Attorney . 3. In case, the bidder is not a manufacturer, such bid should be accompanied with a back-up authority letter from the concerned manufacturer. The back-up authority letter should be uploaded in the Technical Bid of the e-bidding process. The same letter should be provided in the Physical documents also.
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For any query related to this tender please contact : YASHPAL SINGH PH:-01352794182