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Tender No:
Brief Description: Integrated Shot Hole Drilling (SHD) & Seismic Job Services (SJS) for VSP seismic surveys to be carried out in Onland wells of Cauvery Basin and KG-PG Basin for a period of two years
Category: Services
Approximate Quantity:
Contract Period in case of Services: 2 YEARS
Tender Originating Location : Chennai
Type of tender: Indigenous
Cost of tender document(IN INR):
Cost of tender document(IN FC):
Earnest money Deposit(IN INR): 490000
Earnest money Deposit(IN FC):
Issue / Sale of Tender document: 10 Oct 2019 9:30am
To 30 Oct 2019 2:00pm
Tender Document selling offices: - Other:
Last Date of receipt of queries for Pre-bid Conference: NA
Pre-bid Conference Venue:
Pre-bid Conference: Not Applicable
Closing of tender: 30 Oct 2019 2:00pm
Opening of Tender: 30 Oct 2019 3:00pm
Place of submission of tender: Bids should be submitted in e-procurement portal of ONGC and Physical documents to be submitted at MM Department,8th floor(East),ONGC,CMDA Tower-I, No.1 Gandhi Irwin Road,Egmore,Chennai600008
Place of Opening of tender: MM Department, 8th (East), ONGC,CMDA Tower-I, No. 1 Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore, Chennai -600008
Estimated Cost: NA
Job completion time:
Site Location:
Pre Qualification criteria:
Other details: The details of the tender are available at ONGC s website . The link to ONGC s e-procurement portal has been provided in the aforementioned website against the NIT. The e-procurement portal can be accessed directly at . This being e-tender no hard copy of bidding document will be issued. Prospective bidders can download the bidding document from ONGC e-procurement website for participation. However, they will be able to create bid only upon registration in the e-portal of ONGC. The bid along with all appendices and copies of documents (including scanned copies of the physical documents ) should invariably be submitted in the document area in C-folder before the scheduled date and time. In case of unscheduled holiday on the prescribed closing/opening day of bid, the closing / opening date shall stand re-fixed to next working day, the time notified remaining the same. REPRESENTATION FROM THE BIDDER The bidder(s) can submit representation(s) if any, in connection with the processing of the tender directly only to Competent Purchase Authority: General Manager(GP)-Incharge(Operations), ONGC, CMDA Tower-2, 8th Floor, No.1, Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore, Chennai 600 008 Fax No. 044- 28542555 CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS CGM-I/C MM, ONGC, CMDA Building, 8th Floor (E), No.1, Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore, Chennai 600 008 Fax No. 044- 28542555. RECEIVING OFFICERS FOR PHYSICAL DOCUMENTS Bidder desiring to effect hand delivery of the physical documents, may kindly contact following officer/s on the date specified above, for any assistance in submitting the documents in scheduled time: i).Shri G. Radhakrisha, Sr. MMO +91- 44-2857 3834 / 9499901413 ii).Shri K.Srinivasan, Sr. MMO +91- 44-2857 4839 / 9445005688
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For any query related to this tender please contact : K MATHIVANAN, GENERAL MANAGER(MM) PH:-9445005485