ONGC Tender

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Tender Number Tender Description Tender Type Location Uploaded Date
RC2DC19021(E -TENDER)[NIT] Civil works at drill site LKHD_H and LKHE_H in Lakwa area. S.H.(4):- Misc. civ... Indigenous Sivasagar 2019-11-13
RC2DC19022(E -TENDER)[NIT] Civil works for repair of Chemistry room, mechanical store rooms, electrical s... Indigenous Sivasagar 2019-11-13
RC2DC19020(e -tender)[NIT] Civil works at drill site LKHD_H and LKHE_H in Lakwa area. S.H.(5):- Provision... Indigenous Sivasagar 2019-11-11
RC2DC19019(E -TENDER)[NIT] Civil works at drill site LKHF_H in Lakwa area. S.H.(4):- Misc. civil work dur... Indigenous Sivasagar 2019-11-11
R14GC19007[NIT] Purchase of DO Meters, PH Meters, Turbidity Meters, Analytical Balance, Heatin... Indigenous Nazira 2019-11-11
D31KC19013[NIT] Procurement of Back up solution for IRS, Ahmedabad Indigenous Ahmedabad 2019-11-08
RC2DC19018(E -TENDER)[NIT] Repairing of building, toilet, bathroom, APP lining, painting etc. at GCP-1 at... Indigenous Sivasagar 2019-11-06
RC2DC19017(E -Tender)[NIT] Repairing of staff rooms, security halt room, hardening of parking area etc. a... Indigenous Sivasagar 2019-11-05
K16SC19016[E-Procurement] Hiring of services of 04 numbers Mobile ETPs (Effluent Treatment Plants) with ... ICB Rajahmundry 2019-11-14
VC1CC19082[E-Procurement] Misc. civil works like construction of walk way, septic tank, fixing of galval... Indigenous Karaikal 2019-11-14